Daycon Integrated Supply Co. Project

Daycon Integrated Supply Company sells janitorial supplies and equipment to retail outlets and large institutions.  When they came to Bar Code Software, they were in need of an improved, automated order fulfillment process.


Previously, Daycon’s sales associates would call on their customers and check the current inventory of their products on the customers’ shelves.  The sales associates would then hand write a sales order with the customer number, item numbers and order quantities.  The sales associate would then leave a copy of the order with the customer and enter the order into the computer when they returned to the office.


Daycon needed a way to automate this procedure using the bar codes that already appeared on each product, thus improving the accuracy and timeliness of the order.


Bar Code Software, Inc., developed a system using an Intermec 2420 handheld bar code terminal with an integrated laser scanner, modem and RS232 serial port.  Our solution included a small, lightweight portable text receipt printer and a portable cell phone.


Now, when a Daycon sales associate calls on a customer, they enter the customer’s number using the Intermec 2420’s keyboard and scan each item number to be ordered.  The quantity is then entered using the handheld terminal’s keyboard.  When the order is complete, a copy of it is printed directly from the handheld terminal and given to the customer.  Using the cell phone connected to the handheld bar code terminal via its modem, software in the terminal initiates a call to Daycon’s main computer.  The software then logs onto the main computer and electronically transmits the order for immediate processing.  At the same time, orders entered into the handheld bar code terminal are automatically written to a disk file on the handheld terminal, which may be kept as a back up copy.


When the sales associate returns to Daycon’s office, the handheld terminal is attached to a PC via a communications dock, and the back-up order is transferred to the PC.


This case study illustrates our ability to work with our clients’ existing processes to enhance functions that work for them using state-of-the-art software and equipment.


To find out how Bar Code Software, Inc., can improve your business processes, please contact us.  We will discuss your situation and provide you with a free analysis and estimate.

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