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What is Asset Tracker

Asset Tracker is a completely automated inventory control system that uses bar codes to track vital information about your company’s asset inventory.  Everything you need to begin tracking your company’s valuable property, using state of the art bar code technology is included in our Asset Tracker System.  All you need to provide is a PC using any Microsoft Windows Operation System, either on a stand alone PC or a LAN.

How Asset Tracker works

With Asset Tracker, each inventory item is assigned a unique asset number.  Information about the item is then entered into Asset Tracker's database on the PC.  This information can be used to generate printed labels indicating the item's asset number in the form of a bar code, which may then be physically attached to the item.

Asset Tracker can also print bar codes to indicate locaton or any other identifying information your organization may require.  Once the labels are in place, they can be read using portable bar code scanners.  If the location bar code is unavailable, you can enter the location using the portable scanner's own keyboard.  After the location is entered, you can then scan the asset bar codes of all items in that location.  You can also enter the status of an item (such as it's physical condition).

After the data is entered into the portable scanner, the information may then be transferred to the PC, and Asset Tracker software will automatically update the master database.

If you have assets located in remote locations, you can ship the portable scanners to each location.  The personnel at the remote location can then scan each asset into the portable scanner.  After scanning the assets, the information from the portable scanner can be transferred to a disk file on a PC at the remote site.  This file can then be e-mailed to the central location and Asset Tracker will use this information to update the database.

 How Asset Tracker helps you

The days of the dreaded physical inventory are over.  No more paper and pencils, transposition errors, and legibility problems.  Fast, efficient scanning of bar codes allow you to save a great deal of time, not only when you do the physical inventory, but also reconciling the results.  What used to take days or weeks can now be done in hours, and the reconciliation can be done in seconds after uploading the information from the portable scanners.

Scanning assets is not limited to physical inventories.  Assets can be scanned on a periodic basis.  They can be scanned daily or whenever assets are moved.  When the information in the scanner is transferred to Asset Tracker, the database is updated.  Anyone with access to the LAN can get an up to date account of each asset in the database.

Highlights of Asset Tracker 

  • Easy to use menu driven software for both the PC and the hand held portable scanners.
  • Includes all software, hardware and materials to print and read bar codes.
  • Immediately know when each inventory item was last found and where is was located.
  • Ability to maintain a status, or condition, of each asset in the database.
  • Automatic reconciliation of physical inventories.
  • Inquiry or print reports of the status of the physical inventory, including lists of assets not found, assets found but in the wrong location, asset found and asset found but not in the database.
  • Asset Tracker includes a custom report generator.  You have the ability to select information from the database and create reports showing only the data you select.


As it is with all products and services we sell, you always get complete installation, training and support from Bar Code Software.  For more information, please contact us.

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