THE Product Tracking and Recall Manager

Tired of the trade-off between quality and speed?  In a product recall situation, employing an accurate and instantaneous product tracking and inventory management system can mean the difference between workload sustainability and operations slowdown.


You can achieve speedy, error-free total product tracking and recall management with CertainTRAC – THE Product Tracking and Recall Manager. Utilizing radio frequency bar code scanners to capture product status and storage location information, CertainTRAC is your complete product tracking system that follows and records your product movement from production, storage, picking and shipping to customer receipt. Never let a recall stop you in your tracks. Quick reporting ensures accurate stock inventories and shipping transaction histories, always.



Would the expansive, detailed and accurate tracking necessary for a total product recall cause your operations and productivity to buckle?


Can you quickly resolve customer billing issues?


Have you achieved sustained, error-free order fulfillment?


With CertainTRAC, only seconds separate you from tracking the receiving customers, logistical dates and order quantities of your shipments, including what was just placed on a truck due to leave your warehouse within minutes.


Contact us for more information on taking your warehousing business in a more efficient, more accurate and more cost-effective direction with CertainTRAC.


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