How CertainTRAC works

Once this solution system is set up, the simplicity of using CertainTRAC technology takes over.


  • Location bar codes are printed and placed throughout your warehouse.
  • Product bar code labels – identifying the product, indicating the date produced or received and bearing a unique, product-specific tracking number – are printed and placed on products as they enter the warehouse.
  • As products are placed in the warehouse or moved within the warehouse, radio frequency (RF) bar code terminals, both portable and/or vehicle mounted, are used to scan the products’ location bar codes.
  • The RF terminals update CertainTRAC’s database with the exact product location the instant they are scanned.
  • Orders are entered into the database with order number, customer number, product numbers and quantities ordered.
  • When a picker in the warehouse starts filling the order, they enter the order number into a RF terminal.
  • The RF terminal displays each product and the quantity of the product for each order, and shows the warehouse location of the product – showing the location of the oldest product first.
  • When pickers select products, the product bar code is scanned and the RF terminal verifies the correct product has been selected, thus eliminating incorrect product shipment occurrence.
  • The RF terminal displays a running total of product picked versus product ordered.
  • Multiple pickers, each using their own RF terminal, can fill the same order. All terminals are updated simultaneously product is moved into, through and out of the warehouse.
  • When an order is released as shipped, information is saved in a recall database so detailed shipment information can be called up and referenced when solving customer problems, handling billing questions or managing product recalls.
  • All transactions are recorded and maintained in a history database, which electronically stamps the transaction with the date, time and employee number of the picker or shipper.
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