RF Access Points

Radio Frequency Access Points allow maximum flexibility in how and where you make use of your bar code technology.
Fiber optic network connectivity is now possible on MobilLAN access 2100 via an MT-RJ connector.  Wireless service on 100 Mbps networks is now achievable with 10Base-T/100Base-TX compatibility on MobileLAN access 2100.  It auto negotiates with the device it is connected to allowing the data rate to be set at the highest rate at which both devices can communicate.  Intermec's patented dual radio support as well as support for S-UHF, 900Mhz and Open Air technologies continue to be available on MobileLAN access 2100.  Recognizing that Ethernet can have data rates as high as 100Mbps and that radio data rates are no more than 11 Mbps, Intermec designed a more efficient method for its access points to forward packets from the Ethernet to the radios.
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